May 2011

Mentholatum Waterlip Intense Lip Moisturiser For Hydrated Glowing Lips

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The call to moisturize is usually referred to the skin or hair. But our lips are not to be left out as lips are windows to our moods. When we are happy, the muscles surrounding our lips lifts to form a smile, when we are sad they droop. Our lips are the gateway to someone perceiving our moods. Our lips tell our story.

The condition of our lips tells us another story. If it's dry, cracked or chapped, it may point to lack of hydration which can be from staying in an air condition room which gives out cold dry air, excessive sun exposure, the cold dry weather, breathing through our mouth or licking already dry lips. If we are referring to skin, we can depend on oil glands to add moisture to skin. But when it comes to lips, lips have neither oil nor sweat glands to keep them from being dry. When we lick our lips, it becomes even drier, making it more chapped and cracked.

Since we don't have an in-built moisturizing system to moisturize our lips, we need to rely on lip balms to maintain the health of our lips. It's up to us to take care to ensure that we protect our lips from the harsh environment as flaky, chapped and cracked lips are not a pretty sight!

Addressing this problem, Mentholatum introduced the enhanced Waterlip range with improved intense hydration formula so that dry and chapped lip will be something of the past. With Mentholatum Waterlip, one can experience soft, supple and luscious lip.

The new Waterlip has wonderful hydrating ingredients to replenish and retain moisture on your lips while giving them a fuller appearance such as Super Hyaluronic Acid. It is a substance that long lasting moisture to the lips while the presence of Collagen helps improve skin elasticity for a firmer and fuller lips appearance.

Meanwhile the Waterlip protects the lips with Deep Sea Minerals extracts from France that helps activate cells and promote oxygen level in skin. There is also SPF15PA+ protection to shield the lips from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, the Waterlip is free from preservative and colorant so it is suitable even for very sensitive lips.

Now available with a new look, the Waterlip also comes in two variants namely fragrance free and peppermint. The Waterlip range is available from 1 June 2011 onwards at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM12.90 each. Go ahead and nourish your lip with Mentholatum Waterlip!