May 2011


Mentholatum introduces LipIce Water Color Lip Moisturizer – with Super Hyaluronic Acid +Ceramide + Maxi-Lip™

Healthy pink lips that of a baby that feels natural, moist, nourished and soft is what every girl dream to have! Mentholatum is introducing new LipIce Water Color Lip Moisturizer, a 2-in-1 lip color cum lip moisturizer and is advocating women to 'Think Pink' with its new range of soft shine pink shades. Why pink? Pink on the lips resembles a picture of health and a soft pink pout can actually accentuate the natural beauty of the face. Pink is also a feminine colour that resembles love and beauty.

The LipIce Water Colour Lip Moisturizer now comes with four new shades of soft pink namely Vintage Pink, Fantasy Pink, Kissing Pink and Sexy Pink. These new shades complement the lips' natural colour and they are just what you need to look beautiful naturally to maintain healthy luscious pink lips.

This latest innovation comes with an improved formula, which includes 3 excellent ingredients i.e. Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide & Maxilip™ that provides long lasting moisture to the lips.

Super Hyaluronic Acid helps in plumping up the lips while maintaining smooth skin. Its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water is the secret to healthy and younger looking lips.

Ceramide are the essential lipids found in the surface layer of skin that help maintain that holds the skin cells together. It not only plumps the look of visible fine lines but also helps in maintaining natural collagen, elastin and protein pathways so that lips look firmed up and smooth.

The LipIce Water Colour Lip Moisturizer is also enriched with the latest anti-ageing ingredient of Maxilip™ and Vitamin E that helps to reduce fine lines and keep the lips supple.

'Think Pink' and apply your LipIce Water Colour Lip Moisturizer frequently to keep your lips healthy and beautiful!

Available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide at only RM14.90 each, it's a keeper from teens to adults with minimal "mirror time"! Wallet friendly, perfect to carry along in your purse. Just one convenient swipe --- voila, pretty pink plump lippies!