June 2011

Removing Make-up in Seconds!

Introducing Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil

Have you ever wished how wonderful it would be if you could remove all your makeup within seconds? Well, wonder no more. With the all new Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil, you can wipe off all that makeup and be fresh faced within seconds.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) Moisturizing Cleansing Oil is formulated with high purity Olive Oil to deeply cleanse the skin while gently removing dirt, excessive oil and stubborn makeup instantly. Yes, Olive Oil! Believe it or not, what's good for the body is great for the face as well. Unlike other cleansing oils, the Hada Labo (SHA) Moisturizing Cleansing Oil is mineral oil free which is absolutely wonderful.

For women who go through painstaking minutes removing waterproof mascara and eye makeup, your solution has arrived in a delicate, gentle and water soluble base package that does not leave the skin feeling greasy afterwards. It is low on skin irritation and because of the enhanced Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) it intensifies skin hydration and preserves its optimum moisture balance, leaving it soft and supple. Apart from mineral oil free, it is also free of fragrances, alcohol and colorant.

Hada Labo (SHA) Moisturizing Cleansing Oil now comes in nifty pump bottle, so it is not only easy and convenient but it is also mess free!

It is priced at RM49.90 and will be available at all leading pharmacies nationwide from June 2011 onwards.

Hada Labo Skincare philosophy:

For ultimate perfection and ultimate simplicity

Hada Labo uses the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients to provide you with the ultimate result of beautiful skin. Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom, Hada Labo adopts a "no more no less" philosophy in the formulation of its products for the "perfect" ingredients ratio to give optimal results. Unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin are omitted. Only essential ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness – Only the best for your skin and nothing else...