September 2010

Enjoy youth with OXY

New Oil Control Range revolutionizes Skincare for Teens

Our teenage years are coupled with many new learnings, experiences and challenges. A complicated phase in life for many, OXY ensures the usually tedious task of skincare does not add on to the list of challenges. From oil control to hydration, OXY's new Oil Control range helps teens take care of the nitty gritty and encourages our young friends to Enjoy Youth!

A full day out in the sun or even cooped up in the classroom or lecture theatre can result in a film of shiny, oily skin. Be it dry, oily or combination skin, the basics of skincare must be adhered to for the ultimate glowing results from following a regular skincare regime.

"There is no big secret behind maintaining supple and healthy looking skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are key, and the mild formulations of our new Oil Control range is gentle on the skin and helps our youth attain a matte complexion all day long, leaving them time to truly Enjoy Youth!" said Lim Mei Yuen, Sales and Marketing Director of Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia.

OXY's Oil Control range also introduces the innovative use of eight plant extracts namely Sage, Horse Chestnut, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Rosemary, Melissa Balm Mint, Horsetail and Coltsfoot to effectively control oil secretion and Dermaflux, a natural ingredient which strengthens hydration in three main ways through instant moisture relief, non-stop hydration and revitalization of skin cells. "To reap the benefits of proper skincare in the long run, our youth need to start paying attention to their regimes now. It is never too early to start taking pride in beautiful flawless skin and now with OXY Oil Control range, healthy and luminescent skin can be achieved in just three simple steps, twice a day, with the option to use the oil-control film as and when required," added Lim.

Teens can now look for out for the following products under the OXY Oil Control range:

For a delightful face wash experience, lather on OXY Oil Control Wash. Its light foaming texture combined with jojoba esters effectively unclogs pores and gently removes dead skin cells. Sold at RM7.50 for a 50g tube and RM12.90 for a 100g tube, have no more worries about deep cleansing!

Packaged in an easy-to-use flip top bottle, OXY Oil Control Toner is alcohol-free and its key ingredient of Capryloyl Glycerine is essential in mattifying and restoring the natural protection barrier of the skin. A bottle of 150ml is priced at RM12.90.

Also alcohol-free for sensitive young skin, daily use of OXY Oil Control Moisturizer helps soothe and repair skin with its natural aloe extracts. Keeping a solid film of protection and hydration after each application, this moisturizer comes in a fun pump bottle of 45g and is priced at RM13.90.

Every teen should carry a handy pack of OXY Oil Control Film to blot away any excess oils and keep skin desirably oil-free! Its unique microporous film extends superior oil absorption whilst maintaining skin's moisture. Each Oil Control Film pack holds 50 sheets for RM8.90.

All OXY Oil Control Range products are available exclusively at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide from September 2010 onwards.