October 2010


Mentholatum introduces maxilip – with 3-in-1 anti-ageing formulas – Ceramide + Maxi-Lip™ + CoQ10

Bright eyes, a demure smile and soft, youthful lips… elegant, ageless beauty is not unachievable. With dozens of over the counter products focusing on aging gracefully, or better still, delaying the signs of aging, not many focus on the one tell-tale sign that the years have been harsh on one's skin – the skin on our lips; an important part of our skin that we often overlook and neglect.

One of the reasons we look older than our age is caused by the thinning of the skin and epidermis. This problem is worse for the skin on the lips as it is comparatively thinner as to the rest of the body. Hence, as we age the skin on our lips naturally loses its capability of restoring water and oil, therefore it loses substance, elasticity and shape - resulting in aging much faster than usual if proper care is not received.

Enter, Mentholatum's revolutionary anti-ageing lip moisturizer, Mentholatum maxilip, a double-layer lip moisturizer which serves as more than just a lip balm. It combines 3 excellent ingredients such as Ceramide, Maxi-Lip™ and Coenzyme Q10 that is specially formulated to hydrate the lips, reduce signs of aging, increase lip volume and improve the definition of lip lines.

Mentholatum maxilip is packed with 2 protective layers of lip balm to provide twice the protection for your lips. The outer layer in translucent white contains Ceramide which effectively locks up moisture to provide long lasting hydration by creating a layer of protection against unwanted dry chapped lips. With just one application, lips stay moisturized for up to 8 hours!

Carefully tucked within is Mentholatum's latest 'secret weapon', an inner layer enriched with Mentholatum's exclusively patented ingredient for anti-ageing, Maxi-Lip™. Formulated to help reduce fine lines and keep your smackers supple and simply juicy-licious, Maxi-Lip™ works hand-in-hand with antioxidant Coenzyme Q10, to delay skin ageing and enhance the natural fullness of your lips. Finally, youth in a lip moisturizer!

"Dry lips can be unsightly and worse of all, painful at times," said Lim Mei Yuen, Sales and Marketing Director of Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia. "Ever notice a heavy lipstick line imprint on a tissue? It's not a pretty sight. Mentholatum maxilip was developed to ensure that aged lips would be a thing of the past. It is never too early to start caring for your lips and with its dual action, we believe Mentholatum maxilip should be every woman's first priority in her anti-ageing efforts," she added.

Best of all, Mentholatum maxilip is especially gentle to sensitive lips being fragrance, preservative and colorant free. This ultra-sleek twist-tube anti-aging lip balm in a pure white holster is available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide from October 2010 onwards.

A necessity to carry around in your handbag? We definitely think so!