June 2009

Get Rid of Blackheads

Say NO to blackheads with Oxy's new products

Most of us cannot stand the sight of BLACKHEADS. Blackheads develop when excess oil clogs the pores that are close to surface of the skin. When clogged pores are exposed to dirt and reacts with Oxygen, what you get is a dark colored blackhead. Fighting to keep skin clear of blackheads can be difficult but not anymore with OXY! The popular acne skincare solution for young boys and girls now introduces three new products to fight blackheads and to prevent new ones from forming – clear smooth skin is now yours!

The new OXY Blackhead Clearing Wash contains unique Jojoba microbeads to gently exfoliate the skin surface to effectively remove blackheads and prevent new ones from forming. Combined with deep cleansing action to unclog pores and remove dirt, oil and impurities leaving skin feeling refreshed and clean. What's more with the contents of Vitamin E and Olive Oil, it can improve your skin texture and retained its natural moisture leaving your skin will feeling soft and smooth after wash.

For double effectiveness on clogged pores, OXY Nose Pore Strip works perfectly well with Blackhead Clearing Wash to instantly remove trapped oil, dirt and blackheads. It contains natural Tea Tree Oil which helps to prevent blemishes and unclog pores. A simple & easy way to instantly zap-off stubborn blackheads for cleaner looking pores.

Skin feels uncomfortable when it gets dirty & oily especially during the day. Cleansing your face when you are out and on-the-go is inconvenient. Adding on to the new range, OXY introduces a convenient way to stay clean & fresh all day long. OXY Oil Control Cleansing Wipes - does not require water, just gently wipe face with the cleansing wipes to remove dirt, oil and impurities. Added with oil absorbing powder and hydrating agent to absorb excess sebum without over drying skin. What's more for girls – a quick way to remove make-up minus the hassle. No better way to keep your skin feeling clean & fresh with just a simple & quick wipe anytime at anywhere.

Get your new OXY products at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.