Sunplay Skin Aqua

UV Watery Essence SPF50/PA++++

Solarex-3 Technology
Superior Photostability - Proven to be photostable that does not breakdown easily under the sun.
Anti-Aging - Contains RonaCare Ectoin and Antileukine 6 to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Intense Hydration - With Hyaluronic Acid to effectively hydrate and lock-in moisture.
Ultra Light, Ultra Breathable
For fast absorption and non greasy feel.
4 PA+
To provide highest protection against UVA rays which causes premature aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots.
Contains Vitamin C
For brighter and fairer skin.
Gentle and Mild Formula
No colorant and mineral oil. Low irritation.
Suitable for daily use on face & body.

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