Blackhead Tips

Simple Steps to a Blackhead Free Skin
To have a blackhead free skin, start with a proper skin care regime.
Always keep your skin clean.
Use a cleanser product to thoroughly deep cleanse your face at least 2 times a day.
Choose a good and effective cleanser which is suitable for your skin.
Toner will help to maintain skin freshness & tighten pores to prevent dirt from penetrating pores.
Apply toner on cotton pad and gently pat on face and neck after cleansing.
Moisturizer gives your skin the moisture it needs to prevent over drying.
Go for oil-free formulation and with SPF Protection.
Apply liberally on face and neck twice daily after toner.
Nose Pore Strip is the fastest and most convenient way to remove blackheads efficiently.
Use Nose Pore Strip at least twice a week to prevent blackheads.
Place strip onto slightly wet nose. Allow strip to dry for about 10-15 minutes and gently peel off starting from the edges moving towards the center.